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Dexter, my gf's 16 year old tabby cat, loudly meows several times before jumping onto the toilet and drinking from it. Given my gf has 5 toilets in her house, he can stalk a number of selections before raising the cry.

(edited for many cell phone typos)
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...I submitted a piece I wrote in 2007 (unpublished) to a online magazine's < 3000 words writing contest. No chance of getting published or recognized, but a step in saying - yes, I write and yes, I want to share that writing.
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Just posted this to FB and wanted to share here as well. Teaching = stand up comedy with a captive audience.

It's true. University professors do indoctrinate students. In my case, it's music. Here's the latest news update from the course website:

My laptop - and my files (!) are back. Joyous day.

Over the weekend you'll see some grades and new files (hw and quiz keys) appearing. Do not be startled.

Some of you have written asking for homework. Okay, if you insist. There is a short homework uploaded that covers our discussion on ion implantation and rapid thermal anneal.

Please remember to read the corresponding chapters in Campbell as that is part of the course material.

Next week we'll finish our litho discussion and have a midterm review.

Lastly, let's tie our music and CMOS together. As I mentioned in class, I'm a fan of electronic music. Here is a well known guide, using one of my favorite tools - MIND MAPS- to chart the various flavors of electronica.

There is an intro page that has a loud sound and some odd 1970s retro graphics; turn down your speaker! A second animation will then flash before the main page; a left frame of sub genres and a tutorial. Downtempo is my favorite, YMMV. Remember, without the IC this would have required vacuum tubes and no mobile DJs ;-D Get out your glowstick as you ponder - how is music created via zeros and ones?
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...are awful.

The only positive will be some great jokes on twitter. (btw the best use of twitter)
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Outstanding retreat with Ruth Denison and Arinna Weisman this weekend at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Ruth is celebrating her 90th birthday and retirement from teaching except at her center, DhammaDena in Joshua Tree.


More tomorrow.
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In an f-locked post I mentioned not buying a coffee mug today (a huge 4.98 savings!) This weekend I also passed up a few purchases.

I've decided to open a savings account online (via my credit union) and track the cost of "what I would have bought" but minimalism keeps me from doing so. I'm curious to see what my baseline spending would be.
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A late afternoon hike = some iPhone photos

start of hike
near Vista point
More Clouds
near parking lot
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A bit of Newfoundland iPhoneography:

Many folks on my flist are undergoing incredibly difficult times - employment, health, family issues, depression. Big hugs to you all.
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My 2 cents:
If Mitt has no issues with how much (or how little) he pays, why not be open? Use it for discussion. My understanding is that not all offshore accounts are illegal.

Salt ponds

Aug. 17th, 2012 10:33 pm
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There is a former landfill which has been converted to a park near work; the methane from the landfill is captured and used for energy. The park is also houses a water treatment plant - in conjunction with the bay and the salt ponds it can be an assault on the olfactory sense.

I love the park and love to watch it change through seasons. We've moved beyond the golden grass of June; the salt ponds are ready for dredging.

Here are a few photos I took from a hike on Thursday; link from Flickr as the photos came out too large when I uploaded them directly to LJ.

In a few pictures you can see SF off in the distance.
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Will update later tonight but to jog my poor memory
- Mitt Romney and taxes
- Work
- Teaching
- Heading to Newfoundland next week
- Salt pictures


Jul. 22nd, 2012 10:14 pm
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Some recent photos. Cut to not spam your page! )
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For a customer meeting. Long days and mandatory dinners.

Still, it could be worse. Hope I can change my middle seat on the flight back; 6.5 hours in between two strangers just is no fun.
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Last Saturday (not today) I spent some time at the Lagunitas brewery. We had such a good time in the beer garden (which felt almost European) I had to commemorate the experience with a new beanie:

behind a cut since it is HUGE for some reason )
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...not dead (yet,) just busy.

More to come.
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Cross posted the 50 book challenge

Really behind on these updates!

Book 4: Anthem by Ayn Rand
The most succinct rendition of Rand's philosophy.

Book 5: Free Will by Sam Harris
A forty page essay which states that Free Will is an illusion (and has caused a great debate between him and the philosopher (and his friend,) Daniel Dennett.

Book 6: Hackers and Painters by Paul Graham
My review just posted on GoodReads:

Paul Graham is an early web innovator (creating the first online store company, ViaWeb, which was later sold to Yahoo!) He clearly foresees technology trends (the iPhone and Cloud Computing, for example) and is righteously opinionated - something important for creative, entrepreneurial people as he writes in one of the book's earliest essays.

PG is a libertarian and sees the world through those lenses (it happens to be a lens I share to some degree, so it was a refreshing read.) If you dislike libertarian thought the book can be a challenge as that flavor permeates nearly every essay.

I am scientist but not a computer programmer (I last programmed in both Basic and IDLE in the 80s.) PG's explanations of programming languages and the strength of LISP in particular were illuminating and enjoyable. It's inspired me to take a programming class at a local university this summer.
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On my way to New York. I will be telecommuting Thursday and Friday; Saturday I will attend the Belmont Stakes.

Today's travel details:
- Opted out of the millimeter wave scan as always; it seems that more people are choosing to do so.
- Adjacent to security in Terminal 2 of SFO is the Yoga Room. I had to take a picture.
- We sat on the tarmac for 1.5 hours as Air Force One was departing SFO and all air travel was grounded. GF arrived at LGA and was going to pick me up at JFK; she has quite the wait now :-/
- Oh noes! #FirstWorldProblem the drink menu on the in seat screen shows that they are sold out of red wine.
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Give me my small ritual
This benign vice
Fueling wage slaves
Keeping pickers burdened
Bean after bean
One cup and a moment of clarity
Begin the day.

(c) stefanie harvey 2012
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Occurred just after 10am today, though it probably ended several years before that.

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- Yesterday I ran my first 5k. My goal was to finish, not take walk breaks, and run slowly. I had negative splits for each mile and averaged a 13:32 pace. Met all objectives.

- Waited for the gf to finish her half-marathon (or a 21k!) and had a chance to just relax in the sun. We had to wait at bag check an inordinate amount of time when she finished and then took a nap (having left the house at 5:30AM to avoid traffic snafus.)

- In the afternoon she had a massage and I swam for 50 minutes. Then we had a fabulous dinner.

- In the evening rather than doing chores, grading, or working I lay on the couch and read news curated by the Zite fuzzy algorithm - Zite is definitely one of my favorite apps.


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