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I just had two sprouted corn tortillas and some lovely casa chica guacamole for dinner. As the inner child was about to whoop with joy, I realized my parents would have been fine with my having twinkies and hohos for dinner. Really takes the subversive right out of it.

Lately epigentics and standard genetics have been on my mind. I received my SNPs from and promptly ran the raw data over at SNPedia (using their Promethease program.)

Nothing unusual. What was gleaned:
- I am white; all northern European all the time with a haplogroup of H2a2a.
- I have blue eyes with a gray/green variant.
- I carry a type for curly hair and a type for very straight hair. We know which one won, though my gray hair is curly. Perhaps it's a tie.
- Some nice markers that indicated reduced risk of various cancers and type 2 diabetes.
- Markers that indicate I am 7x less likely to respond to anti-depressants
- Indications that I am a significantly higher risk for Macular Degeneration; increased risk for Alzheimers.

I also carry markers that I should be taller than average (I'm 5'2"). When I was two, the time when pediatricians tell parents to double the child's height to guesstimate the future adult height, my estimate was 5'8".

Must be those twinkies and hohos.
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My housemate made homemade chicken soup for me which was very kind - my horrible head cold has been affected by gravity and now is a moderate head cold and a mild chest cold. I'm a bit afraid to consider where it's going next. My gf has suggested Pho for dinner. At least I'll be well hydrated. Came home to work after a teleconference to my east coast colleagues. I owe my boss some business development material and this is one area I find troubling - creating projections with no data. It's easy to stumble into irrational optimism.

Happy folks are posting more on LJ - [ profile] crm17 comes to mind. I miss the community we had and I'm seeking more than the drive by graffiti of Facebook (to steal C's words!)

It's World AIDS Day - the epidemic is far from over - 33 Million people worldwide are infected, including 2.5 Million children. If you have the resources, please considering donating to an HIV/AIDS related charity. You can always sponsor me for the 2011 AIDS Lifecycle Ride from SF to LA -->

If resources aren't available, would you kindly consider reposting my link to your F-list or communities?

I've started changing a few things as we're 7 months from the ride. I've stopped drinking alcohol (too many calories) and I've stopped eating sugar (minus dark chocolate because I will not give up all vices.) In addition to my regular workout routine I have a minimum of 12 miles of riding per day in December; that's going up to 24 miles per day in January and 36 miles per day in February. The easiest way to reduce the amount of weight I have to carry up the hills of California is to remove it directly from my ass, despite the fine cushioning it provides.

Better get back to my business models. How is your day?


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