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...until I begin my new job. My schedule through late May will be a bit crazy as I'm teaching two classes, one at a local company.

I'm doing some online volunteer work which is great - whenever I have a free moment and an internet connection I have the opportunity to finish tasks. I'm volunteering for IMSB and for ASQ's Reliability division.

I was going to go inflict myself on B. and A. in Phoenix, but I recognize I need to use the time to finish lecture writing for the semester. Perhaps I can sneak away for the next Zazenkai.

My spare time has been filled with reading, attending lectures, and continuing to get rid of stuff. I'm down to 5 not-completely-filled books cases and am shipping books to a dear friend. My sewing machine is going to a friend of a friend and my ex is taking the furniture (per the divorce settlement.) I'll need to buy a bed. I've found someone who will take my two remaining Ikea Billy bookcases (I suspect my ex will take the three oak bookcases in the living room.)

I'm considering sleeping on my Thermarest for awhile until I figure out what I want.

Diane's been working on the house; once we get out of the rainy season she has some major termite repair to complete and a bit of roof work. Not sure if I'll put the Pinata on the market or if I'll hang out here a bit longer.


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