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Just posted this to FB and wanted to share here as well. Teaching = stand up comedy with a captive audience.

It's true. University professors do indoctrinate students. In my case, it's music. Here's the latest news update from the course website:

My laptop - and my files (!) are back. Joyous day.

Over the weekend you'll see some grades and new files (hw and quiz keys) appearing. Do not be startled.

Some of you have written asking for homework. Okay, if you insist. There is a short homework uploaded that covers our discussion on ion implantation and rapid thermal anneal.

Please remember to read the corresponding chapters in Campbell as that is part of the course material.

Next week we'll finish our litho discussion and have a midterm review.

Lastly, let's tie our music and CMOS together. As I mentioned in class, I'm a fan of electronic music. Here is a well known guide, using one of my favorite tools - MIND MAPS- to chart the various flavors of electronica.

There is an intro page that has a loud sound and some odd 1970s retro graphics; turn down your speaker! A second animation will then flash before the main page; a left frame of sub genres and a tutorial. Downtempo is my favorite, YMMV. Remember, without the IC this would have required vacuum tubes and no mobile DJs ;-D Get out your glowstick as you ponder - how is music created via zeros and ones?
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A short day at work - the morning began with our group meeting one of the South American business development managers who specializes in undersea products. Spent most of the day on expense reports and scheduling teleconferences. I left in the early afternoon to attend a student's master's thesis proposal. He had an outstanding presentation; he was one of my students during his undergrad work and it's been fun watching him graduate, get a job, return to school and grow as a scientist.

One of the members of his committee works in the chemistry department and we had a chance to get introduced; we have several areas of common interest and will meet after the semester to discuss collaborating. Our student is working on dye-sensitive solar cells and there is some good work that can be done in that area.

Tomorrow I'm scheduled for a chest x-ray as the doctor suspects pneumonia. That would be a first for me. I hope I can download the image, but I suspect Kaiser won't allow that - they didn't upload my broken finger, the bastards.


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