Aug. 8th, 2009 11:16 am
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The post-break up funk is beginning to lift; I met with friends yesterday for art crawl and Grant used a word that suggested a sudden change and I described it as an ebb. Gradual, not very noticeable (especially to me) - though [ profile] peters67 and Diane tell me they can see dramatic change.

My humor and my energy are returning.

Now I need to face reality and finish the divorce paperwork. The state of California wants every detail about my finances and it's a PDF-palooza.

Art crawl was distinctly different from the one in June (they took July off) - it was overwhelmingly mediocre, with the exception of the Chicano exhibit at the Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana (funny what a *juried* show can produce.)

Here is a piece by Ester Hernadez:

It is always a pleasure seeing [ profile] joedecker's photographs at Kaleid.

This afternoon I pick up my puppy from my friend (and dog trainer) Brian then meet a friend for shopping in the East Bay.

Hope you are well!
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I had a lovely breakfast with Hez this morning. Somehow I managed to lose my prescription sunglasses between the car and the restaurant. We hung out at her clinic afterward where I gave her a tour of and our friend Brian stopped by to have one of his dogs adjusted (Hez is a chiropractor.) Max got to hangout with his cousin Frank in the front yard of the clinic and there was much barking at the people walking to the Santa Clara farmer's market.

Santa Clara's trees are sending pollen *everywhere* and my allergies got hit hard; I can only imagine how [ profile] iceblink is doing - hope you're okay! Sunnyvale is nearly as bad; I saw a neighbor sweeping up the pollen from in front of his house. He was wearing a mask and was covered in a fine, green dust. I just did the nasal irrigation thing and will repeat as necessary. It's not pretty, but it's affective.

I'm donating blood in an hour and beginning enrollment as an apheresis donor. If you're local and type O, A-, B- Stanford blood center needs you. I'm B+ but they'll take my blood, too.

This evening I hope to get some of B's insurance reimbursement started, work on my lecture for Monday, and will go to the lab to do some microscopy. Tomorrow we're attending the UU church and I'm going to meet with my friends Brenda and Ruth. More lecture writing and microscopy work. Also need to write two final exams. Both exams will be conceptual - muhahahahaha.

The best part of the weekend? The gym. Yep, going back after a 2 week break. I can barely wait.
The short-bursts that take place during strength training are very useful for mood management. I'd prefer cardio to be a nice hike with my heart rate monitor, but I fear I'd sneeze off the top of my head. Thank you modern science for air conditioning and HEPA filters. If things get very bad, I'll go take a nap in the cleanroom at work.

What's your weekend look like?


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