Dec. 2nd, 2012

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Several storms went through Northern California. The usual sink holes, land slides, floods occurred along with THE WEATHER NEWS STORIES!! (OMGWTFBBQ!!!1!) My favorite segments included locals along the Russian River that said, "Yeah, it floods almost every year. We're prepared."

Friday was a long day at work followed by a lovely dinner and walking though an outdoor mall as GF searched for shoes (resulting in another "Stef in the husband chair" picture on FB; the previous one was taken at Neiman Marcus in the Armani area.)

Saturday rained steadily as we did chores. Once the skies cleared yesterday, GF and I took Earl and Felix for a walk around Stevens Canyon Reservoir. There were signs of rock slide (and some land slide) on the Tony Look trail with a few narrow places. I reminded GF to not let the dogs pull her down if they slip - with 4 legs they could climb up much more easily than the silly bipeds. Fortunately no footing was lost. There was wild thyme on the trail - with the rain it smelled wonderful. German cuisine for dinner.

Early Sunday morning brought the heaviest rain. Morning coffee and chores were followed by a fun house-warming. A dear friend just bought her first house and it's simply lovely. She's a fellow minimalist so her home feels like a familiar refuge. Add in a homemade brunch and our bellies were as warm as our hearts as we departed. We did some grocery shopping and I snagged five (5!) pairs of dress slacks for work (Jones NY and Calvin Klein) for under 130.00 at Ross. (A friend's dad calls it "Ross CrossDress for Last" which always makes me snicker.)

Tonight, it is the mountain of laundry that calls for folding. Dexter, GF's 16 year old kitty, is in the animal hospital. Keeping fingers crossed that his infection/dehydration are treatable.

Heck, let's add the "husband chair images"
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