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Just posted this to FB and wanted to share here as well. Teaching = stand up comedy with a captive audience.

It's true. University professors do indoctrinate students. In my case, it's music. Here's the latest news update from the course website:

My laptop - and my files (!) are back. Joyous day.

Over the weekend you'll see some grades and new files (hw and quiz keys) appearing. Do not be startled.

Some of you have written asking for homework. Okay, if you insist. There is a short homework uploaded that covers our discussion on ion implantation and rapid thermal anneal.

Please remember to read the corresponding chapters in Campbell as that is part of the course material.

Next week we'll finish our litho discussion and have a midterm review.

Lastly, let's tie our music and CMOS together. As I mentioned in class, I'm a fan of electronic music. Here is a well known guide, using one of my favorite tools - MIND MAPS- to chart the various flavors of electronica.

There is an intro page that has a loud sound and some odd 1970s retro graphics; turn down your speaker! A second animation will then flash before the main page; a left frame of sub genres and a tutorial. Downtempo is my favorite, YMMV. Remember, without the IC this would have required vacuum tubes and no mobile DJs ;-D Get out your glowstick as you ponder - how is music created via zeros and ones?
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On Virgin America headed back to San Francisco.

The last two days of meetings (and brief lab time) went very well. Made some excellent connections and I suspect I will be back in Harrisburg in November.

One of the best moments took place today at Dulles Airport where I had a chance to hug, sit, and speak with [ profile] curiouseve. Can I tell you how much she rocks? Probably not. Wise, funny, and my friend since 1984. I am so glad I was a total spastic dork and sat next to her in math class.

Whoa. We're coming up on 26 years. Holy crap.

A few more thank you notes to send to my colleagues and then it's time to write lectures. It's going to be a busy fall, thank goodness.

[ profile] revdrmarsh I didn't make it Dallas while you were out of town, but I hope to visit there at some point!
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- I will be attending Mrs' appointment later today to take notes and assist. This is a good thing.

- Yesterday I had a high-profile presentation at work; it was scheduled for one hour and I called time at two hours and fifteen minutes. Literally have a dozen new experiments on deck. It's going to be a very busy summer, and I am grateful to (1) have a job, (2) have a job I enjoy immensely and (3) manage a strong team who are also lovely friends.

- Yesterday I attended the leadership meeting of the local ASQ chapter. I really like my geeky quality colleagues. They're so fun and nerdy - and committed. We gave away 8 scholarships to students transferring from 2 year to 4 year colleges; originally 1200.00 each. Not a lot, but every bit helps. Someone suggested we up that to 1500.00 and take the $ from our member scholarship fund. It passed unanimously. I love this group's commitment to the great community.

- This past week I've had a lot of grief. Frequently wept. Last night I cried for about two hours and then it was as if a fever, or a storm, broke. Felt cleansed and let go of the sadness. Much love to [ profile] peters67, Diane, Hez, JO, and my niece, [ profile] k_e_5810 for carrying me through this time.
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Crappy cell phone pic in our dark offices but here's a fun certificate I received today:

I must admit, I loved getting gold stars on my math homework in elementary schools. I'd peel them off, relick them, and put them all over my clothes. Such a big ghey, even then.
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Hold on to your seats.

I am the 2009 secretary nominee for the Silicon Valley Chapter of the American Society for Quality. As I am running unopposed, I suspect this may be a done deal.

Yes friends, I'm hanging with the ubernerds.


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