Jun. 18th, 2009 08:43 am
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The rats, once under my home, are dead. (I took the karmic hit for taking them out.) A very nice exterminator removed them (there were 3; 2 died in the yard) and sealed off the multiple places they could enter. He shared some other info after his foray under the house:
- There are termites.
- The landscaping was done too close to the house and watering of said landscaping has caused both cosmetic and structural damage.
- He suggested all the landscaping be removed.

I went "aack" for about ten seconds then over the next two days found a gardening service to do the yard demolition and a landscape designer to redesign the front, side, and back yard (all about the size of a postage stamp.)

The gardener was heart broken about taking out certain mature shrub-like trees (or tree-like shrubs) that shade the house but gave me a quote and began trying to fit me into his schedule. The designer comes from a family that has run a pest control business for more than 50 years and he highlighted ways I could avoid the roof rats (misnomer!) and keep the decade old fauna.

I called the gardener who now will make much less $ on the job but is thrilled that the plants will stay. He's coming over tomorrow am to discuss the changes and revise the quote.

The designer should have a 3D model ready in a week. The back of the house which has southern exposure and is long and narrow, will become a raised vegetable garden. The front of the house will get a bit more curb appeal. The side yard (and largest area) will have underground irrigation and drought tolerant plants. I'm thrilled. Best yet, we can do the work in stages to avoid a gargantuan bill. After things are set up, I can do most of the maintenance.

The recent relationship changes have been hard and I thought I'd make my home as pleasant as I can. Money is tight and the divorce is expensive. Yet, I want to create a space I can enjoy and share with friends.


stef_tm: Stef looking to her right suspiciously (Default)

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